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tv   News 19 7  CBS  January 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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medi good evening and thanks for being with us on this tuesday. 3 3 a 16-year old girl from richland good evening thanks for being with us on this tuesday. a 16-year-old girl from richmond county is reunited with her family after she was trafficked for over a week in her perpetrator is in jail. dave tron. however was arrested at the econolodge last week. deputies found him selling the victim online. the share off hyperactive the sheriff said he was forcing her into prostitution and holding her against her will. . the charges inclcle kidnapping and trafficking among other things.
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the department said there has been an increase in activity that involves human trafficking cases like this one. a big part of tackling this had on his prevention through law enforcement and education. we looked into human trafficking in our state and prevention methods. >> he kidnapped her, he was threatening her and holding her against her will and forcing her to have sex with various people in motel throughout richmond county.>>reporter: the case of this kind of thing is far too common. the sheriff said enforcement and education are preventative measures we need to take. >> we need to get the word out to our communities and young girls that drugs and violence involved and illegal sex there all kinds of dangers.>>reporter: for the first time we have some idea of how many human trafficking victims are certain our states. 155 last year.
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force report. smith there are some hotspots. . but broad river road is where we are seeing some of the hotels that we are working with. >>reporter: katie jackson. one victim services says young girls are being lured by older guys. spirit most educators have not human trafficking. for many they slip through the cracks. sight.>>reporter: advocates from westwood high school thursday superintendent to exploit human trafficking. >education, training and resources are out there for us to use. why aren't more of us using them? >> as a survivor is important to that many are aware of the services that are out there and the services that need to be
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we passed some of the toughest human trafficking legislation that advocates say it is time to move to action. stupid columbia police have made three arrest in connection with a attempted murder investigation. lead. aaron brown, 20 and 20 for your dominic lewis and tehran anderson are charged with attempted murder. a failure to stop for police per the charges stem from a shooting and car chase before 9 pm last saturday night on truman street. one man was shot in the arm and taken to the hospital and the other suspects fled the scene and they later crash the car. if you can hop look at that person call crimestoppers at 1888 crime sc. a north carolina man has been arrested after he cashed in stolen south carolina
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agencies told the tickets during a burglary in november at a convenience store. he was booked on a different counts today the richland county jaja if convicted he could get five years in prison for each charge and a fine of $50,000. it was chilly this morning. we drop-down to 26 at the airport. both locations warmed up to 570. it was wendy this afternoon. we saw wind gusts of 30 for miles an hour at the airport. but the highest when gus in the city was 39 mph. those winds are starting to diminish. wednesday from the west to southwest at 11 mph. our temperature dropped to 490 tonight. we are expecting clear skies with a low of 29 and tomorrow will be sunny and cooler with a high of 50 and tomorrow night
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we will talk about any moment. lawmakers went back into session today in a question a lot of you had, was fixing our roadways. here is robert kittle. >>reporter: state lawmakers are back at work and they hurt you want roads next grade gary summerall has been leading the effort in the house. >> with as much rain as we have had an exposed vulnerability it has created more pothole in the longer we delay, the worse it gets in the lesson. our roads are. so the house passed a plan that would raise gas tax $.10 a gallon to give you a rebate on your taxes and restructure the state department of transportation. >> people don't have an overabundance of confidence. corey current hot line of funding that is being managed. lawmakers will have to decide
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$1.3 billion surplus. spending all of that on roads is not a good idea because state taxpayers will have to pay the entire cost for roads and raising gas tax gets one third of the money for people driving through the state. education is a big issue. people have to decide how to improve rural schools. flood relief is another issue. people did not qualify for federal aid and if they did, it's not enough. lawmaker say that through the surplus could go because it is mostly one time and money. these protesters showed up on the first day and asked lawmakers not to remove the confederate monuments. theyeyre upset because they confederate flag was removed from the statehouse grounds. last summer. other big issues, giving tss enough money to hire caseworkers and getting a highway patrol enough money to add more troopers on the
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a possibility of toll cleared. another hurdle. the charlotte city council has however, the gov. of north carolina is asking local transportation leaders saying those plans for interstate 77 n. of the city of those long for 85 around the charlotte regional transportatiti planning orornization is expected to tomorrow. construction has already started on the toll lanes of state leaders have said canceling the project would cost millions of dollars. this morning. usc hosted a king day. breakfast at the dome at williams brice stadium. marlon was the featured speaker. >>, dr. king would have wanted us to respond to the tragic
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first of all, although time is a sensitive thing, we need to make sure that we conduct ourselves in a nonviolent manner. more importantly, be productive. >> this morning's breakfast was the first in a number of king day events being held over the week. monday morning. there will be a prayer service columbia at 8:30 am. any march the statehouse breaking day at the dome rally good this year's theme is statewide education equity. the world's largest marjorie jackpot is bigger. the top prize for tomorrow night's powerball jackpot stands at an estimated $1.5 billion with a b. strong ticket sales. the jackpot could grow more before the drawing tomorrow night.
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matching all six numbers are one and 292 million. there are a few lucky spots at midlands residents that increase the odds. >> the murphy usa gas station on highway 1 outside of lexington has proven to be lucky. in 2013. the store sold a $399 million winning ticket. thus the largest jackpot won by anyone in the palmetto state. another murphy usa station has proven to be lucky in the past for this one on garners ferry road in columbia, they saw the $259 million ticket in 2009. a big one. i also came from the raceway interstate 26. they sold a $35 million jackpot in 2008. some will tell you to head to jimmy smart to buy your tickets per the gas station leaves the leads in lottery ticket sales but others say you should buy them at the obama gas station
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many believe it is good luck. they sold a couple of million- dollar winners in the past. it is fun to talk about the good luck. we want to remind you that lottery officials say buying extra tickets does not increase your odds of winning the jackpot. the drawing for the $1.5 billion jackpot is tomorrow night. watch it live right here just before our 11 pm newscast. orangeburg county has one of the largest obobity rates in
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an effort to bring healthier food options to orangeburg
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janae frazier shows us more. in an effort to bring healthier food options is underway page in a frazier tells us more. >> you have people with disabilities. yeah people that lack transportation to get to grocery stores and make those choices that are not offered to them.>> jimmy johnson talks about a new competition, the center is sponsoring. to help people and orangeburg county have more access to healthier food options. 10 businesses. the focus on healthier food options will be chosen to be part of the development course. one winner will be selected and will receive $12,500. a nice incentive for a big problem. >> we have a major problem with
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obesity, diabetes, hypertension. zach orangeburg county is definitely in need of a healthy eating makeover and folks will specifically surpasses the states and nations obesity rates. >> dealing withthsouthern cuisine and foods that have grown up with. it's also the times we are living in and there is not that much availability for healthy tonight johnson hopes this competition will bring healthier options to the people that need them the most. >> we want to consider supporting agricultural businesses that present healthy options and local options. said businesses interested in the competition have until january 28 two apply. chilly outside today, is it going to get warmer anytime
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>> thursday will be warmer but tonight richland county council re-elected torrey rush as it's chairman and elected greg pierce to be their vice chairman.they're also set to totoght. councilmembers reelected tony russia's their chairman and greg pierce to be vice chairman and they're going to discuss the penny tax program.
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chuck ringwald breezy outside but the winds are diminishing. they are generally 10 to 15 miles an hour and they will diminish during the evening hours. but at the moment. temperatures are dropping. 45 is the current temperature in rock hill, 43 and augustine 49 in columbia, 50 and sumter and florence. we have clear skies for the most part a front will move over the mountains coming to our area around midnight or after. another push of cold air moving to the midwest. the storm system in the great lakes region, some light snow occurring. not a lot of precipitation right now that you can see the cold air in minneapolis. it is 10 below zero at cincinnati. it is down to 17 and we will
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this cold air. here's what we are seeing right now from our computer model for tonight the front will be coming through, around midnight or shortly after. but we are not expecting any clouds. it will be sunny during the day tomorrow. tomorrow night, it will be clear and we will continue to see sunshine on thursday but then we're going to start coming and thursday night and friday we expect to see some rain but the computer models indicate that rain will be friday afternoon and into the evening. for tonight the low temperature is 26 and newberry 28 in canton, 31 and orangeburg it tomorrow. high temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. 50 in columbia and a warm-up on thursday up to 600. the clouds increase friday we will see showers 560. it should be drive for the weekend. 59 on saturday and breezy and colder sunday with a high of 50 next week.
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jackpot is up to an estimated 15 the clemson tigers football team is expected to clemson tiger football team expected to return to the upstate at the top of the hour. as you know by now clemson lost last night national championship game getting they won their fourth national championship in the past seven years and will be one of the season. it was the eighth national football championship since 2003. some it tomorrow the usc men's basketball team will take on
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unbeaten. 15 and zero overall. tipoff tomorrow night set for 9 pm. the undefeated in second -ranked usc women's basketball team back in action this week on thursday will be taking on road. tipoff is set for 7 pm. to make a new poll shows all 50 states top food street is south carolina's favorite food is shrimp and grits. a writer for foodie website university talked to hundreds of people to find out the favorite foods and all 50 states. again, we got shrimp and grits. main got lobster massachusetts got clam chowder and nevada hotel buffets.
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th crash course. >> i'm freaking out. >> a plane just landed on the freeway. >> the lingerie model learning how to fly when this happened. >> mayday, mayday. >> a little panic. >> and inside the raid to capture el chapo. and is sean penn a dead man walking. >> should sean penn be concerned for his safety? >> do you think? >> late night donald trump. >> i'm a handsome person. round 2. >> who murdered ashley. strangled in italy.
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